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Alyson’s Orchard Wedding

A smart wedding for a smart couple…


Christine and Matt met in medical school. That’s right, they are both doctors! Matt was the leader of their outing group, and he plucked up the courage to ask Christine out for drinks. After drinks, they jumped right into a life of adventure, going camping and rock climbing.  

Christine and Matt’s wedding weekend festivities started with a Friday night barbecue at Alyson’s Orchard, where the ceremony would be taking place. They had a huge roasted pig and lots of friends around them.

Alyson’s Orchard was such a great venue. Everything was a beautiful, lush green, and the pond views and meadows were breathtaking. They grow over 50 varieties of apples at their orchards, as well as peaches, pears, blueberries, raspberries, and more.

02-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 03-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 04-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography

Everyone had space to get ready on the property which makes it so much easier for all involved.

05-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 06-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 07-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 08-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography

The couple had their first glance outside in a meadow. They shared drinks and a few silly moments with their wedding party and families before their big moment. We also took some stunning group shots by the orchard and among the trees. 

09-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 10-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 11-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 12-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 13-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 14-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 15-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography

The ceremony was held at Sarma’s Pond. Guests were brought in on the orchard’s tractor, which I thought was so innovative! Christine and Matt shared their vows overlooking the water and the picturesque Vermont mountains. Better yet, the weather was absolutely perfect.

16-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 17-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 18-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 19-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 20-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 21-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 22-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 23-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography

The reception was held at the orchard lodge, where I got some beautiful shots outside. Everyone had so much fun dancing and dining!

One of my favorite moments was during a family grouping during the reception – the groom looked at me and said, “HOW DO YOU DO THIS?!” Trying to rally the troops for photos is sometimes maddening but it made me laugh coming from an ER doctor because I can easily ask him the same question.  

Funny what comes natural to us, isn’t it?

24-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 25-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 26-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 27-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 28-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 29-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 30-alysons-orchard-new-hampshire-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography

Details to Know…

Bridal Boutique: Tulle Bridal | Groom’s Attire: Jos. A. Bank | Hair and Makeup: Studio H Hair Salon | Officiant: Joel Eaton | Flowers: Andrea Daley, The Village Blooms | Catering: Luca’s Catering | Cake: Dazzle Cupcakes | Entertainment: The Party Crashers |  First Dance Song : “Cheek to Cheek” 

Thank you Christine and Matt for being such a wonderful couple to work with. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

xoxo . . .


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