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Best Friends Sanctuary


When I landed in Maine, in 2009, I worked with Lael Couper Jepson of SheChanges to hone in the direction of my life and business.  One of the results born during that work was carving out time – chunks of actual time for myself to do things that are purely love based.  I called it, “The Month of Love”.  It doesn’t always fall in February, like the calendar tells us, but does find a way, to be a part of my winter.

I chose March to be my month of love for 2016 and when asked by Heather Roberston what I wanted to do with that time, it was simply, help dogs who need homes.  I didn’t know what that looked like exactly and I was still working on mapping out the start of my year so it was an open vision yet to be discovered.  I’ve done work for AWS in Kennebunk in the past and was considering trying to find something a bit closer to home.  Then, on the night of February 1st, I finished the workbook for 2016 {check it out, super good stuff} – which is basically setting goals and visualizing the next trip around the sun.  Again, I wrote down that I wanted to be of service in someway for dogs in March. On the morning of February 2nd, my Facebook newsfeed featured this:


And I thought, “Well, LOOK at that.”  I didn’t even have to read the article because my partner in crime, Nicki, who comes along to AWS with me, had asked me if I wanted to go to Best Friends Sanctuary a few years ago.  It wasn’t in the cards then so that morning, I shared this article with her and said, “Remember how we talked about going? Want to go in March?”

Boom.  Month of Love goal was discovered.  Sort of delivered to me via the internet aka the universe, in this case.  Want to help animals?  Well, this is like heaven on earth for it.

Nicki said YES!

So, Melissa and Nicki’s great adventure to Dogtown was born.  Nicki has been there twice before so that helped us book our entire trip within 24 hours.  It was one of those choices that made perfect sense and took very little time to decide.  My month of love is now going to be in a place that oozes with dedication to so many animals and is all love based.  Wahooo!!

I am so excited!

We’re so excited!

I plan on documenting our adventure which adds a whole other layer of love to this.  I cannot wait to share the story of our trip to Angel Canyon in Kanab, Utah – with a side of Bryce and Zion too!

We invite you to share in our adventure of the heart by helping us raise some money for these animals needing a second chance at life. Best Friends is the largest no-kill organization in the country – and they’re likely supporting local rescue efforts near your hometown.  Since we can’t bring them all home – and believe me, we would if we could – we just want to help as many as we can. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we hope you’ll help us share the love.

Feel free to pitch in anything you can through our fundraising page by clicking here!

Thank you!

xoxo . . .


  • Meghan Simone

    Oh my gosh Melissa!!!! This is the best ever! I had no idea how this all came about but talk about the power of the universe hearing you loud and clear. I’m so excited for you!!!

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