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Business Portraits


I’ve put together a collection of business portraits of great professionals in Maine.  All of the headshot sessions are done on location – absolutely NONE of them are in studio.  NONE!  I love having this conversation when I first meet with new clients.  I had a studio and it was a beautiful space but you know what happened?  Everything started to look the same.  YUCK!  Of course, I could buy many, many, many backdrops but still!  I do not know two professionals that want to look like another so working on location and in a space the client feels comfortable in has been working out beautifully.  Clients featured here are a corporate manager, an author, a therapist, real estate team and State Farm insurance team.  Locations are a hairdressers space in Scarborough, an old mill in Brunswick, a dining room in South Portland and an awesome spot in Portland.  Thanks to my adventurous clients who are open to on location photography.  I love the challenge of adapting to new locations, and finding great light to create portraits in these spaces.

Feedback from one client : “Just wanted to let you know that a client called me specifically bc I “looked so nice” in my Psychology Today listing :)”  YEAH!  Goal!

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