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My Big Fat Peaks Wedding

This was a wedding for the books…


I photographed Kristen and Bryce’s engagement session a while back, and they decided to invite me to photograph their wedding. When I saw how they used their engagement photos for their invitations, I was so flattered and impressed. Such a beautiful way to invite guests to their Maine rehearsal dinner and wedding.

01-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 02-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography

The Friday before the wedding, I travelled to Kennebunk, Maine to photograph the couple with their beloved Great Dane, Jelly Bean. It’s amazing how much she had grown since the engagement shoot, and she is just as important to the couple as ever.

03-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 04-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography

05-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 06-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 07-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 08-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 09-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 10-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography

The day of the wedding, I started with the bride at her childhood home in Kennebunk. Getting ready at locations like these are so important, because they are not only personal to the bride, but also a great backdrop for the pre-wedding preparations.  


It was so sweet to capture the moment Kristen sent Jelly Bean off with the dog sitter. I always love seeing someone as dedicated to their pet as I am.

12-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 13-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography

My second photographer, Kam Mitchell, started with the groom at their hotel in Kennebunkport. He captured this sweet moment between the groom and his brother/best man fixing his bowtie.


16-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 17-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 18-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 19-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 20-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography

One of my favorite moments from the day was when they put the veil on Kristen. The look of pure joy on her face says it all. She became a bride in that moment.

21-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 22-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 23-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography

The ceremony took place at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Saco, Maine, an absolutely stunning location for a traditional Greek wedding.


25-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 26-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 27-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography

The wedding began with The Service of the Betrothal, during which the priest asks God to grant the couple with a perfect and peaceful love. After the prayers, the bride and groom exchange the thrice blessed rings near the official sponsor of the marriage, to symbolize the unbreakable bond of the betrothed.

28-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 29-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography

The couple is then given a pair of white candles to hold, which symbolize the purity of their lives. The couple then joins hands to represent the joining of the mind and the flesh.


When the couple is crowned, the priest makes the sign of the cross three times on the heads of the bride and groom. This blesses them and allows them to receive the grace of the Holy Spirit, and crowns them with virtue and holiness.


32-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 33-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 34-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography

After a Bible reading, the couple drinks from The Common Cup, which symbolizes the sharing of joy and sorrow with each other. Then they circle a small table three times, which represents eternity and the holy trinity. When the priest lifts the crowns from the couple’s heads, the wedding service is officially ended.

35-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 36-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 37-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 38-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography

After the ceremony, the wedding party and guests boarded a ferry to Peak’s Island, where the reception would be held.


It rained a little bit on the way there, but it only made the portraits more beautiful.


The reception took place at The Inn on Peak’s Island. While I took the group portraits, guests enjoyed cocktails at the Inn, which led into a tent, where the family style dinner was served and toasts were held.

41-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 42-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 43-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 44-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 45-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 46-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 47-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography

48-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 49-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 50-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 51-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography

I loved how, even though Jelly Bean couldn’t be there, Kristen and Bryce found a way to include her.

52-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 53-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 54-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 55-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography

56-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 57-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 58-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 59-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 60-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography

Since the couple wasn’t as into having a cake at the reception as their mothers were, they decided to let their moms have the first bite.


It was so sweet the way Bryce embraced Kristen during their first dance.

62-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 63-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography

64-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 65-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 66-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 67-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 68-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 69-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography 70-peaks-island-maine-greek-wedding-melissa-mullen-photography

I especially love this photo of the couple lounging on the chais.


Overall, this Big Fat Peaks Wedding was amazing. They were able to pull off so much in the span of a day. From getting ready in Kennebunk, to getting married in Saco, to their reception on Peak’s Island, this wedding proved that anything is possible when there are people out there who love you.

Details to know…

Dress Designer: Allure Bridals | Bridal Boutique: Pure Bliss Bridals | Groom’s Attire: JCrew, Alden, Trumbull Rhodes | Hair and Makeup: Alison Bogannan | Officiant: Father Basil  | Caterer: The Inn on Peak’s Island | Flowers: Flowers by Steve, Inc | Rings:  Longs Jewelers |  Cake: Nothing Bakes Like a Parrot | Entertainment: The Bob Charest Band  | Invitations: Gus and Ruby | Videographer: Lovelocked Films | Donuts: The Holy Donut | First Dance Song: Ed Sheeran, “Thinking Out Loud”

I want to especially thank my team that day, Kam Mitchell and Yael Pachino, who made sure I had everything I needed to rock this day. And The Inn at Peak’s Island for feeding us so we could keep on shooting.

But most of all, thank you Kristen and Bryce for being such a wonderful couple to work with. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

xoxo . . .


  • Susan B. Clark

    What a gorgeous couple and wedding. Trumbull Rhodes feels very lucky to have been a part of their special day.

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