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Exeter At Home Maternity Session

It was very special to see how loved baby Eva already is…


Amy and Tim are having their very first baby this May! They wanted a maternity session so they could welcome Eva into the world and show her how excited they are to meet her.


I love in-home maternity sessions. I get an inside look at the preparations taking place, and all the care put into turning a house into a home for the new addition to the family. Little Eva will have quite the room as she grows up. It is so well-thought-out and unique; it’s going to be a great place for her to spend her formative years.


Amy and Tim wanted to highlight all the personal touches they added to the nursery. From the wall hangings to the blocks, to the Star Wars stuffed animals, they made sure that everything shows Eva exactly who they are and what loving parents they are going to be.

04-maternity-portrait-new-hampshire 05-maternity-portrait-new-hampshire

I captured a beautiful photo of Amy sitting in the chair her parents gave them with a blanket draped across her belly. Amy crocheted that blanket especially for Eva, creating something with all the comfort and warmth that she will provide as a mother.


As they stood in front of the crib, Tim put his hands on Amy’s belly and Eva started to move and kick. It was a very special moment for them.


One of my favorite photos of Tim and Amy are when they stood in front of the window. With the light washing over them, there is this wonderful, romantic feeling that I could only capture with a couple that is truly happy. The love radiating from them both was infectious.


Gagnon Family, thank you so much for choosing me to photograph this special time in your lives. I wish you all the love and happiness in the world.



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