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Maine Family Portrait

A relaxed, Maine family portrait for a really lovely family at their families camp during the fall.

Choosing a location that means something to your family and a place where your children feel comfortable is highly recommended for portrait sessions.  Creating photographs in a place that is significant to the family history makes my job as a photographer even more meaningful.  Everyone involved is at ease and in their space and often times children like to show me their worlds.  Being in your space also makes it easy if there is an outfit change, nursing or snack break to keep everyone happy.  I loved what this family chose to wear and the space they invited me to on this beautiful, fall day in Maine.

01-fall-family-portraits-maine-melissa-mullen-photography 02-fall-family-portraits-maine-melissa-mullen-photography 03-fall-family-portraits-maine-melissa-mullen-photography 04-fall-family-portraits-maine-melissa-mullen-photography 05-fall-family-portraits-maine-melissa-mullen-photography 06-fall-family-portraits-maine-melissa-mullen-photography 07-fall-family-portraits-maine-melissa-mullen-photography 08-fall-family-portraits-maine-melissa-mullen-photography 09-fall-family-portraits-maine-melissa-mullen-photography 10-fall-family-portraits-maine-melissa-mullen-photography 11-fall-family-portraits-maine-melissa-mullen-photography

They let their son be himself and made directing him fun instead of forcing him which allowed me to capture his true, sweet spirit.

Thank you for having me photograph your family, it was a real pleasure meeting you all and your boy is one lucky kid to have you as parents.

xoxo . . .



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