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Maine Family Reunion


I spent an afternoon and evening with a family who gather in Maine at their home in Wells.  I was meeting everyone for the very first time on the day of the shoot and they immediately made me feel welcome.  They were an absolute riot and I had an awesome time with them!  The idea was to have their Maine family reunion documented while keeping in the tradition of what they have done in the past.  They hung out, played lawn games, ate lots of yummy food and made a seafood feast together.  They shared stories of the past with me, they laughed at each other and the finale was an ice cream eating contest.  I think I smiled the entire time.  Hilarious people!  I even found myself laughing as I was going through their photographs again.

Here is a peek into this family gathering . . .

2-maine-family-reunion 3-maine-family-reunion 4-maine-family-reunion 5-maine-family-reunion 9-maine-family-reunion 8-maine-family-reunion 7-maine-family-reunion 6-maine-family-reunion 11-maine-family-reunion 16-maine-family-reunion 15-maine-family-reunion 14-maine-family-reunion 13-maine-family-reunion 12-maine-family-reunion 17-maine-family-reunion 18-maine-family-reunion 19-maine-family-reunion 20-maine-family-reunion 21-maine-family-reunion

22-maine-family-reunionSheehy fam, thanks so much for allowing me into your worlds, for the laughs and delicious food!  I truly hope we do this again!

xoxo . . .


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