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Maine Winter Family Portrait

Here in Maine, we can experience some deep freezes in the winter but sometimes we get lucky too.

Sometimes the temperature is just right so that you can physically be outside without dying.  I think that’s worth celebrating.

I drove up to Edgecomb, Maine for this session and was excited to see that my one wish had come true.  Snow covered pine trees and no melting in sight.

It’s brave to go outside in the winter.

It’s even braver to schedule a winter family portrait outside in Maine.

To top the charts of being brave, this family LIVES IN Florida and decided to have a family portrait while they were visiting Maine.

This momma was a bridesmaid in one of my favorite Newagen Seaside Inn weddings.  

Becoming a client in this way is such an appreciated compliment. 

We took use of the sledding hill their Dad made.

that little hair flip

The littlest bailed out at one point to grab an extra layer.

It was his first time experiencing a Maine winter.  He immediately started shivering the second his boots hit the ground.

We got some snuggly smiles anyway.

Lots of love to you very brave Floridians!  I think it was totally worth it and so fun to see you!

xoxo . . .


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