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Springtime Migis Lodge Wedding

This wonderful wedding took place at the Migis Lodge, which is celebrating its 100th summer.


In fact, Catie and Brian’s wedding was the first of the season, making it a very special event for both the couple and the lodge.

02-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 03-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 04-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 05-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 06-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 07-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen

To start off Catie and Brian’s wedding festivities, there was a lobster bake on Sebago Lake. It took place at a beautiful spot right along the lakefront with an impressive outdoor cooking station. Since most of their guests were from out of town, the traditional lobster bake was a great way to bring everyone together to experience what life is like in Maine.

08-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 09-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 10-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 11-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen

12-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 13-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 14-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 15-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 16-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen

On the day of the wedding, there was a slight drizzle, but it cleared up before their outdoor ceremony. I tend not to worry about cloudy wedding days because they always photograph beautifully.

17-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 18-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 19-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 20-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen

Catie and Brian prepared for their big day in separate lodges on the Migis property, surrounded by their family and friends. Catie looked stunning in her dress. The fabric was so light and airy that when she moved around it was epically beautiful.

21-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 22-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 23-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 24-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 25-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 26-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 27-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 28-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen

The couple’s first look took place along the treelined shore. They were so ecstatic about their wedding that they laughed and raved about it the whole time.


30-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 31-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 32-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 33-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen

This was a special moment between the groom and the bride’s brother. I remember the groom expressing his gratitude to the brother for being there. Throughout the day, Brian made sure to let everyone know how happy and grateful he was to everyone who made it to their special day.

34-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 35-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 36-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 37-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen

I took some photographs of the wedding party before the ceremony began. The soft colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses and the groomsmen’s suits were complemented by the diffused light created by the clouds.


39-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 40-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 41-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 42-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 43-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 44-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 45-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 46-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen

The ceremony was held outdoors along the Sebago Lake shoreline under a beautiful birchwood arch. During the ceremony, the officiant passed around the wedding bands for a ring warming. I absolutely loved this; it was so thoughtful and unique.


48-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 49-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 50-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 51-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 52-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 53-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 54-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen

The guests were also given bubble wands to blow at the end of the ceremony in celebration of the couple.

55-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 56-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen

Once married, Catie and Brian got on an adorable motorboat and crossed the lake, sipping champagne and enjoying some alone time before the reception.


58-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 59-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 60-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 61-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 62-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen

The reception was also held at Migis Lodge, and it was decorated to perfection. From the lighting to the cake, everything was infused with a rustic romance.

63-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 64-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 65-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen


The toasts at dinner were a riot. The best man joked about Brian’s love of baths and the maid of honor presented a slideshow of hysterical photos of Catie and her siblings growing up.

67-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 68-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 69-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 70-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 71-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 72-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullenAfter dinner, there was tons of dancing. I captured a great photo of the couple with the man who brought them together; they met at his wedding!

73-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen 74-migis-wedding-maine-photography-melissa-mullen

I could tell by the end of the night that Catie and Brian were raised around really great people. Everyone had so much love for them that it was infectious.

Details to know…

Dress Designer: Christos | Groom’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse | Hair and Makeup: Big Day Beauty, Christine Libby | Wedding Coordinator: Robyn Hammond-Sala at Migis | Officiant: Rev. Erika Hewitt | Flowers: Marcia Davis | Rings: Burdeens Jewelers and Rogers Jewelers |  Cake: Ben Rollins at Migis | Entertainment: DJ Jim Smith | Invitations: Minted | Videographer: Lee Arnott, Sweet Thunder Productions | Assistant : Danielle Allendorf  | First Dance Song: Rolling Stones, “That’s How Strong My Love Is”

Thank you Catie and Brian for being such a wonderful couple to work with. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

xoxo . . .


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