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Newagen Seaside Inn Maine Wedding

It’s about time these two got married…


I first met Ruthie and Nick when I photographed Nick’s sister’s wedding. It was such a privilege to be chosen to photograph their wedding, and I was even more psyched when I found out they would be getting married at one of my favorite locations: The Newagen Seaside Inn.

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Both the bride and groom got ready at the Inn. I was lucky to have a fabulous friend and photographer, Brea McDonald, as second photographer.  She did a fantastic job capturing the groomsmen getting ready — as well as images of the bride, before her walk down the aisle.

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Ruthie and Nick wanted their first glance to be by the dock, which is where we took the group portraits as well. One of the reasons I love The Newagen Seaside Inn is the beautiful, rocky shoreline and vast water views. Because the wedding theme was ocean decor, the boats and coastal rocks fit perfectly as the backdrop for their photos.

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One thing I noticed about Ruthie and Nick was the deep respect they have for each other. They were able to laugh and goof around, but could also be serious with each other. It was so refreshing to see, and made the portraits that much better.

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The ceremony was held on the lawn by the water. In a special moment from their ceremony, after the exchange of vows and rings, they actually tied a rope into a knot! It was such a unique gesture that symbolized a lot for them.

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Ruthie and Nick’s wedding hashtag was #bouttimeJuly9, because they have been together for such a long time. In fact, during Ruthie’s father’s speech, he read out what Nick wrote in Ruthie’s sophomore yearbook:


“I wanted to let you know that, to me, you really are the perfect girl. I never thought I’d find such a smart, nice, beautiful girl, and I never thought that she would be interested in me. You’re so cute and such a great person that I can’t help but smile when I’m around you. No matter what my day was like, just a few minutes with you and everything is fine… Every time I see you, or talk to you, I just have this feeling inside that we were meant to be together. I thought that ‘one special someone’ and ‘one person for everyone’ was just talk until I met you.”


That note melted my heart and made me so happy for the two of them. Nick proved that romantic heroes still exist!

46-newagen-seaside-maine-wedding 47-newagen-seaside-maine-wedding 48-newagen-seaside-maine-wedding

49-newagen-seaside-maine-wedding 50-newagen-seaside-maine-wedding

After the reception, they held an after party in the Pine Room of the Newagen Seaside Inn with their closest friends and invited me to photograph the fun. There was bowling, popcorn, grilled cheese, table tennis, and lots of laughs.

51-newagen-seaside-maine-wedding 52-newagen-seaside-maine-wedding

While they were bowling, Ruthie scored a strike!

Being around guests as they continued the celebration was awesome, and everyone was so nice. It didn’t feel like work at all.

53-newagen-seaside-maine-wedding 54-newagen-seaside-maine-wedding 55-newagen-seaside-maine-wedding 56-newagen-seaside-maine-wedding 57-newagen-seaside-maine-wedding 58-newagen-seaside-maine-wedding 59-newagen-seaside-maine-wedding 60-newagen-seaside-maine-weddingOverall, it was clear that everyone had a fantastic time, including yours truly. Ruthie and Nick’s wedding was a moment in time that many in their families have waited for, so it felt really important to be the one capturing it all.

Details to know…

Bridal Boutique: Camilla’s Bridal | Groom’s Attire: Miltons | Wedding Coordinator: Maddie Rideout, Newagen Seaside Inn | Hair and Makeup: Desiree Bailey, Possibilities Salon | Officiant: Katie Tahmaseb | Caterer: Newagen Seaside Inn | Flowers: Boothbay Greenhouse | Cupcakes: Laugh Loud Smile Big | Rings:  Long’s Jewelers | Entertainment: Dan at Northeast Event Design | Second Photographer: Brea McDonald | Assistant: Kam Mitchell

Thank you Ruthie and Nick for being such a wonderful couple to work with. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

xoxo . . .


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