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A Special Recital for The Sharing Foundation

This recital was very special to Kim and her family…


Kim and her piano teacher, Sandy, decided to put together a concert to showcase the music Kim has been working on. They planned this event for over a year with the intention to not only share music, but also the profits from the event with a charity.

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The recital was completely free to all guests, but there was a donation box available during the event. Her mom, Betsy, also made goodies for all the guests to enjoy after they listened to Kim play.  The funds raised during her recital will go to an organization called The Sharing Foundation.

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The Sharing Foundation’s ultimate goal is to meet the needs and improve the welfare of orphaned or severely disadvantaged children in Cambodia. Founded in 1998, The Sharing Foundation works with over 1,500 Cambodian children each day. They create programs that ensure the children grow up healthy, educated, and ready to lead their community.

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Before she began playing, Kim thanked everyone for their donations and talked a little about the charity she chose to support.

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Giving to The Sharing Foundation was especially important to Kim because it was the organization through which her parents adopted her. Many children in Cambodia still live and go to school at the orphanage in Roteang village. Though The Sharing Foundation does what they can, the children are still in need of food, clothes, and toys to play with.

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Kim played instrumentals of popular songs like “Innocent” by Taylor Swift and “All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles. She played beautifully!

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Her mothers and sister were there supporting her the whole way through. There was so much love and generosity going around that I think everyone benefited from being apart of this event.  I was so impressed and truly moved by Kim’s talent.

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Kim said that when her family goes to Cambodia this summer, they are going to visit the Roteang orphanage. Thanks to the generosity of everyone who attended, Kim and her family raised over $600 for The Sharing Foundation!

If you would like to donate to The Sharing Foundation, please visit:

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