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A May Samoset Wedding

I feel so at home at the Samoset…


Amanda and Matt met in Pensacola while they were both in school. Their love story includes a lot of travel. You can read more about it here.

The photos on the save the date card were captured during the proposal by another photographer on the sailboat Fate, so they are very special to the couple and tie in very well to their wedding day.


Amanda and Matt both got ready at the Samoset resort, where their ceremony and reception were held. I met them the day of the wedding and felt instantly welcomed.

03-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 04-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 05-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 06-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 07-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 08-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography

Amanda had her something borrowed and something blue ready. She cut one of her father’s shirts into a heart and had it sewed to the inside of her dress, and she used a bunch of family heirlooms in her bouquet.


Her friends surrounded her with love and plenty of laughs!

10-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 11-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 12-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 13-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 14-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 15-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography

In the boys’ room, Matt’s father gave a little toast to all the groomsmen. It was so heartfelt. I could really tell how close-knit the group of guys were, and they weren’t afraid of showing their love for one another.

16-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 17-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 18-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography

The bride had a special first glance with her father before she met with her groom. I set her up elegantly by the window so that he could see her as he walked down the hallway. They had a wonderful moment together when he told her how beautiful she looked. It was all very sweet.

19-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 20-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography

After her first glance with her father, Amanda had her first glance with Matt and we took some group portraits with the golf course as the backdrop.

21-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 22-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 23-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography samoset resort maine wedding photography by melissa mullen 25-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 26-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 27-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography

28-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 29-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 30-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography

I loved all of the wacky socks the groomsmen wore.

31-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 32-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 33-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 34-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 35-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 36-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography

37-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 38-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography

The fog rolled in right before the ceremony, and fog horns made music in the background while the couple exchanged rings.

39-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 40-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 41-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 42-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 43-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 44-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 45-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography

46-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 47-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography

I loved this moment that Amanda and Matt took after the ceremony. At the end of the aisle, they stopped and kissed again. It was so candid and real.


Throughout the whole event, there was lots of hugging. This group hug was only one of many! So much love was going around, it was absolutely infectious.

49-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 50-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 51-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 52-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 53-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 54-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography


Because we did the group portraits before the ceremony, afterwards there was plenty of time to spend alone at the Breakwater. Matt was being very adventurous, dipping his toes in the water and climbing on the rocks. They had a lot of fun with it.

56-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 57-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 58-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 59-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 60-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 61-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 62-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 63-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography

64-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 65-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 66-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 67-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 68-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 69-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 70-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 71-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography

Then came the reception. It was held on the patio of the Samoset under the much appreciated cover of a sail cloth tent. The live band was amazing; they had everyone up and dancing for hours.


73-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 74-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 75-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 76-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 77-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 78-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 79-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 80-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 81-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography

82-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 83-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 84-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 85-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 86-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 87-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 88-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 89-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 90-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 91-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography

Near the end of the night, the guys went outside and formed a circle. They toasted, including one groomsmen who said that gathering like that was what life is all about. I was very impressed with how expressive they were. It was a great moment to capture.

92-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography 93-samoset-wedding-rockport-maine-photography

The next day, they had a fun send-off BBQ. I felt so good at the end of this weekend because I gave my absolute best for these lovely people. I’m so glad I got to meet them and capture such an important weekend of their lives.

Details to know…

Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero | Bridal Boutique: Elegant Bridals | Groom’s Attire: Menguin | Hair and Makeup: Kim Doll and Cynthia Clayton | Wedding Coordinator: Samoset Resort | Officiant: Tom Walden | Caterer: Samoset Resort | Flowers: Seasons Downeast | Rings: Tacori |  Cake: Sugar Tree Cakes | Entertainment: Wavelength | Invitations: Minted | Favors: Harbor Sweets  

Thank you Amanda and Matt for being such a wonderful couple to work with. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

xoxo . . .

  • Amanda M. White

    Melissa, these photos are unbelievable!! Thank you so much for capturing such an important day in our lives so beautifully and perfectly! I cannot say enough wonderful things about you!

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  • A very beautiful wedding, just wonderful.

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