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Squirrel Island Engagement Portrait

This engagement shoot was so much fun…

01-engagement-photography-melissa-mullen-squirrel-island-maineKristen and Bryce decided to have their engagement session on Squirrel Island, which is a summer resort colony off the coast of Boothbay Harbor. Bryce’s family had vacationed there for years, so it was a special place for them.

02-engagement-photography-melissa-mullen-squirrel-island-maine 03-engagement-photography-melissa-mullen-squirrel-island-maine

To get there, they picked me up in their boat. It was very exciting, and made for some romantic shots.

04-engagement-photography-melissa-mullen-squirrel-island-maine 05-engagement-photography-melissa-mullen-squirrel-island-maine

I loved Squirrel Island. The lighting was perfect the entire time. According to Wikipedia, the island is named not because of its squirrel population, but because the island looks like a squirrel holding an acorn when viewed from above.

06-engagement-photography-melissa-mullen-squirrel-island-maine 07-engagement-photography-melissa-mullen-squirrel-island-maine 08-engagement-photography-melissa-mullen-squirrel-island-maine

I met Kristen and Bryce at Kristen and Luke’s Samoset wedding. Kristen was a bridesmaid, and after the wedding, she contacted me about photographing her own, which is the highest compliment.


This was the first time I really got to talk to and get to know them. We were able to discuss their upcoming wedding day plans and get comfortable with each other.

10-engagement-photography-melissa-mullen-squirrel-island-maineEngagement sessions are also a great way to get a feel for the couple’s chemistry.


My favorite part of the session was meeting their Great Dane, Jelly Bean. It’s always fun when couples incorporate their pets into their sessions. She was such a sweet dog, and really added to the whole day.

12-engagement-photography-melissa-mullen-squirrel-island-maine 13-engagement-photography-melissa-mullen-squirrel-island-maine

We walked along the shore until we stopped at the old Squirrel Island post office. The sun began to set, which made the lighting even more beautiful.


15-engagement-photography-melissa-mullen-squirrel-island-maine 16-engagement-photography-melissa-mullen-squirrel-island-maine

I love when a couple chooses a location that has a special meaning like this island. The photographs end up meaning more to the couple and their families.

17-engagement-photography-melissa-mullen-squirrel-island-maine 18-engagement-photography-melissa-mullen-squirrel-island-maine 19a-engagement-photography-melissa-mullen-squirrel-island-maine 19b-engagement-photography-melissa-mullen-squirrel-island-maine 20-engagement-photography-melissa-mullen-squirrel-island-maine

When it got dark, we climbed back into the boat and made our way back to Boothbay Harbor. This is a great shot of Kristen on the boat, with her hair blowing in the wind.

21-engagement-photography-melissa-mullen-squirrel-island-maine 22-engagement-photography-melissa-mullen-squirrel-island-maineI’m so excited to share their wedding, which happened June 11th. Stay tuned for their #BigFatPeaksWedding!

  • Kristen Heikkinen

    Thanks so much Melissa! Bryce and I loved looking through these photos again. We had so much fun working with you on Squirrel and most recently on Peaks. You are so talented!

  • Mary Lynch

    So beautiful!!!

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