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Wentworth by the Sea Country Club Wedding

It’s always a pleasure to feel welcomed by the wedding party…


I was referred to Jessica and Matthew by Ellen Braley of El’s Cards, and I couldn’t have been happier to photograph this wedding. The venue was stunning, the ceremony was personal, and the reception was elegant. I felt so welcomed by everyone, and was absolutely humbled by how lovely the wedding party was to me.

The prep for this wedding was very emotional. The bride, her family, and her maid of honor were overflowing with love for each other. There were plenty of tears to go around. While Jessica was getting ready, Matthew had a surprise gift sent over for her. The maid of honor had procured a picture of the dress and tuxedo, which an artist sketched together. Don’t worry, the groom wasn’t allowed to see it before the wedding!

02-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 03-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 04-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 05-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 06-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 07-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 08-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 09-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding

The groom got ready in a room above the country club. When my second photographer, Kam Mitchell, arrived, he was watching a game with his groomsmen, who were still raving about the night before. They all seemed very relaxed and comfortable before the wedding.

10-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 11-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding

The ceremony took place outside the country club overlooking the bay. The weather was as radiant as the bride. After the ceremony, the wedding party took pictures around the club, including the groom and his THREE twin sisters. After the photo session, the bride and groom rode over to cocktail hour on the back of a golf cart. They were so adorable!

12-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 13-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 14-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 15-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 16-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 17-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 18-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 19-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 20-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 21-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 22-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 23-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 24-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding

One of my favorite shots is of the two fathers shaking hands at cocktail hour. It was a really special moment, and I feel honored to have captured it.


The decorations at this wedding were simple and elegant. There was a definite fall theme, with white pumpkins adorning the placement cards and warm colored accents. The sunset was a perfect backdrop for some more pictures, and it lit their reception beautifully.

26-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 27-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 28-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 29-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 30-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 31-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 32-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 33-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 34-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 35-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 36-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 37-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 38-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 39-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 40-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 41-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 42-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 43-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 44-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 45-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 46-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 47-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding 48-wentworth-by-the-sea-country-club-wedding

Details to know…

Dress Designer: Pronovias | Bridal Boutique: Madeleine’s Daughter | Grooms Attire: Alton Lane, Custom suit | Hair and Makeup: Vanity Hair Studio | Officiant: Jo Maden | Flowers: Beautiful Days | Catering: Wentworth By the Sea Country Club | Cake: Black Bunny Bakery | Entertainment: Nimbus 9 | Ceremony Music: Artful Noise String Quartet | Invitations: El’s Cards | Rings: Karen’s Fine Jewelry | Favors: Maine-ly NH | Photobooth: XO Photo | Transportation: Regal Limousine Service | First Dance Song : Ryan Adams, “Desire” | Second Photographer: Kam Mitchell

Thank you so much for being so lovely to me, and so easy to work with. I hope you have a wonderful marriage and life.



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