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Wolfes Neck Farm Wedding

This may have been one of the most unique weddings I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting…

01-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maineEvelyn and Craig have an amazing history. Maine-born Evelyn met Scotland-born Craig while attending university in Edinburgh. After college, they moved to Hong Kong, where Evelyn taught English. They’ve since relocated back to New England, where Craig coaches rugby at Yale. They’ve truly been around the world!


Evelyn got ready at the Hilton Garden Inn in Freeport, while the groom got ready in Cumberland. That didn’t stop him from sending over a beautiful bouquet for his bride.

03a-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 04-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 05-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine

06-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 07-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 08-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 09-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine

The groom and his groomsmen all wore traditional Scottish kilts.


11-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 12-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 13-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 14-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 15-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 16-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 17-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 18-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 19-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine


21-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 22-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine

The ceremony took place at the Wolfe’s Neck Farm Wedding Field. In keeping with Scottish tradition, a piper played while Evelyn and her father walked down the aisle after they arrived in a beautiful Bentley.

23-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 24-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 25-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine

Their guests came from all around the world to share in Evelyn and Craig’s special day.

26-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 27-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 28-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine

29-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 30-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 31-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 32-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 33-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 34-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 35-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 36-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 37-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine


After the wedding, Evelyn and Craig spent some alone time at the state park. They lounged by the water and shared some champagne while their guests enjoyed their cocktail hour.  

39-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 40-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 41-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine

A little rain didn’t bring this couple down, and I loved how every time we stepped foot into fields and forest, the groom carefully picked up the train on his bride’s gown. Little things like this are such a symbol of love and consideration for years to come. I could tell she appreciated it and reciprocated.

42-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 43-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine

By late afternoon, the sky started to grow a bit dark. Luckily, the reception was held in a beautiful tent on the Wolfe’s Neck Farm Field.

44-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 45-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine

The decor highlighted the Craig family’s tartan, as well as couple’s travels. Their tables reflected destinations they felt were significant to their relationship, such as where they met, where they got engaged, and where they’ve lived.

46-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 47-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 48-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 49-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 50-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 51-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 52-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 53-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 54-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 55-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine

There was so much love at this wedding and so many hugs.The toasts were lovely, heartfelt, and a little embarrassing for the groom, but they were all in good fun.

56-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 57-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine

Everyone, including me, had fun dancing to Scottish songs that the band played. I could tell that their guests were amazing people inside and out.

58-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 59-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 60-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 61-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine

Evelyn and Craig were genuinely awesome, and an absolute pleasure to work with.

62-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine 63-wolfes-neck-farm-wedding-freeport-maine

During the reception, a beautiful rainbow appeared outside the tent. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.


To read more about Evelyn and Craig’s wedding, check out Daisies and Pearls’ blog, Karen Wilson’s blog, or Inkspot Crow’s film!  

Details to know…

Dress Designer: Allure | Bridal Boutique: Bella Bridal | Groom’s Attire: Wilson Tartan Kilt | Hair and Makeup: Nancy Neilson-Armstrong, Polished Salon, and Amber Morin, Viola Hair and Day Spa | Officiant: Chuck Remmel | Flowers: Marianmade Farm | Rings: Springer’s Jewelers | Catering:  Jennifer Banis, 111 Maine | Cake: Betsy Langer | Entertainment: Honey Train | Invitations: Karlos Loi | Videographer: Inkspot Crow Films | First Dance Song: Rebecca Ferguson, “Nothing’s Real But Love”

Thank you Evelyn and Craig for being such a wonderful couple to work with. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

xoxo . . .


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