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Lobster Cove : Monhegan Island, Maine Photographs

After Sarah and Toby’s wedding and all their guests departed, I had a little time to explore a part of the island, I hadn’t seen before.  I headed out to Lobster Cove which is at the southern tip of the island.  There is a shipwreck that I was interested in seeing.  The shipwreck happened November 5, 1948 and it was a tug towing a barge in dense fog when it ran on the rocks.  There is a summary of what the photographs are below and I welcome anyone from the village to correct me . 😉

Monhegan Island has taught me a lot and I’m very thankful for it.

Monhegan Island Maine Wedding Photography by Melissa Mullen


1. Hill back to the dock with the perfect view of Manana Island and one of the houses along the way that I love.

2. I believe this is swim beach but I’m on the fence with this location.

3. I had seen this man preparing his lobster traps the day of the wedding next to the Monhegan House and then I got to see him go out.  I’m not sure if he was checking pots but it was neat to see him go out in that boat like we go out to our backyards.

4. He went outside the cove and the gulls found him.

5. Details I found on my walk to Lobster Cove.

6. View when you come out of the meadow to Lobster Cove.  It was very quiet, very sunny and warm.  I took a seat for a minute to take it all in.

7.  I walked down the path and I’m looking up a hill – to the left is the shipwreck.  See that wave?  Every so often a big wave came.  More on that later.

8. Painter.  Wish I knew who he was so I could share this photograph with him.

9.  More painters and now you can see the shipwreck as I’ve come up the hill.

10. Shipwreck.  A lot you could do with this, a location I’d like to explore in the future.  I hit this area at the brightest part of the day.  Not the best lighting conditions yet it was the time I had before my boat left.

11.  Now, I’m heading back up the trail to go back to the village.  I had stopped for a minute to let a group go by and I missed an opportunity to capture a HUGE wave so I stood there waiting for another one to capture it coming in.  I waited a good ten minutes but didn’t see a big wave.

12. My view while waiting for the boat to take me back to Port Clyde and off to my next wedding in Camden, Maine.

13.  The Island Inn that stands tall and greets you as you arrive.

14. Two people who worked at the Monhegan House and the Novelty jumping off the dock as we departed.

15.  Heading out to sea and the view of Monhegan as we left.

I got to Port Clyde and had a message asking me if I was OK.  A group was exploring Gull Rock which is on the back side of the Island and being that it was just after a storm {Hurricane Katia} those waves I was seeing {and missing} were coming in.  Even if the storm is far out to sea, combers {huge waves} come in without warning.  A man from Ireland, who was in that group and on the Island for a wedding got swept away.  Just crazy, sad, sudden and awful!  Just like that, life was tragically different for those involved.  I couldn’t imagine, one second you’re enjoying that place and the next the sea shows it’s strength and everything changes.  My thoughts go out to all involved!

Regardless, I love you, Monhegan Island!  I hope to explore you again soon!
xoxo . . .


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