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{love} monhegan island, maine {mark and lauren}

Mark and Lauren chose to have a destination wedding on Monhegan Island in Maine, the weekend of August 29, 2009.  I personally think that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever seen anyone make.  I had no idea what was in store for this event as I had never been to Monhegan Island.  When we first met, Mark described Monhegan as a photographer’s dream.  They were planning the event from Massachusetts and you wouldn’t think it’s that far yet it’s about a 4-5 hour drive up the coast and then about an hour boat ride to the island.  Luckily, Mark and his Mom {who is awesome} had some time to go out there a few times before the big weekend to make sure the venue, the chapel, the flowers and all the details were set to go.

To begin the journey, I headed up the coast and had a chance to see coastal areas for the first time.  I seem to have an ever expanding new love for Maine as the days go by.  I took a boat from Port Clyde to Monhegan.  On the dock, I met a couple who were from San Diego now living in Maine and another couple who would be attending the wedding.  Everyone was so nice and it couldn’t have been a more perfect day to be out on the water.  The sun was shining, bluest of skies and the temperature was perfect.


I chose to sit back on the top deck and chat with a bridesmaid, Elizabeth and I could tell that this was going to be such a great group of people.  Her fiance had wandered somewhere else on the boat so we went down a level and found him up talking to the captain.


Soon enough our journey brought us to Monhegan.  I was so excited to see this place and explore with my camera.  I felt there were pictures everywhere.



Mark and Lauren and their family met us at the dock.  It was such a warm welcome!  We made our way to the Monhegan House where Holden Nelson, the owner took excellent care of us all.  All of the guests, except a few stayed in the Monhegan House.  If you have the opportunity to visit Monhegan, I highly recommend that you visit the Monhegan House. It’s a wonderful place to stay or you can just stop in for a great breakfast or dinner.  I was on the top floor, facing west and had such a breath taking view.  I really felt like . . . ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  the entire weekend!  I mean . . . I get to travel to this magical place that sits off the coast of my favorite state and be around some of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life . . .  and it’s my job.

That evening I was invited to dinner at one of the homes where a few family members were staying.  Thursday night was a smaller crowd, mainly family.

Sunset Thursday night.


We headed back to the Monhegan House and we all parked it on a big rock in the yard.  The island is a very quiet, peaceful place so I’m sure we were quite the stir.  I don’t even remember what made us laugh but I’m pretty sure we all laughed for at least 2 straight hours.  Here was our view . . . {In the front is the chapel where they shared their rings and vows and the Monhegan House behind it.}


Friday, I followed a trail to the other side of the island.  I took only a few pictures that you can see in the slide show, as I want to go back again to photograph the hike.   I went to the Novelty for lunch and had a massive sandwich that was holy delicious and completely oinked out and had an ice cream cone too.  Totally worth a visit especially because it’s along the way of the trail to the other side of the island.


Friday afternoon, the guests began to arrive and gather while the family finished tying up the details.  There were plans for a big group jump off the dock.  Have a look at the journey over, the big jump and the highlights from the first two days by clicking here!

After the rehearsal, I had a chance to photograph Mark and Lauren together casually with their families and wedding party.  The day was perfect and we are SO GLAD that we took the time to take these pictures because the next day, hurricane Bill spent the whole day over the island.



The morning of . . . well . . . it was a hurricane.  The light was beautiful, the wind was strong and everyone didn’t seem to mind.  I’m so thankful that we collectively decided that I came out before the wedding because I’m afraid that I may not have made it to the island that Saturday morning with the storm.  For destination weddings, Thursday arrivals are preferred . . . just in case.



Plus, arriving before the wedding, allows me to wake up at the location and be there for all of the getting ready.  Lauren got ready on the top floor and Mark got ready downstairs at the Monhegan House.



We all snuggled in the chapel together.  This is a peak at Lauren’s presence during the ceremony.  I watched her absorb the love around her.  I was really proud to see that because there is so much swirling around you on your wedding day and it goes by so fast.  She even squeezed Mark’s hand during the ceremony and told him to look around.


I adored Mark and Lauren’s color choices. I loved Lauren’s dress and the fact that Mark wore a suit.  A woman who lives on the island provided flowers straight from her own garden.


And if it couldn’t get any better . . . they had a lobster bake.  Luckily, I sat with very nice people who helped me through this meal and now I feel like I can handle one on my own without being so unsure of what is what.  It was SO good and such a fun experience for everyone.


Pretty much everyone felt like this . . . especially after having blueberry pie with ginger ice cream.


Please feel free to watch their full wedding day slideshow . . . click here! I’m a big sap for it!

The wedding day was beautiful.  Every single detail was perfection and the best part . . . Mark and Lauren were animals on the dance floor.  Once the music started Lauren started dancing and she never stopped until the very, very end.  Sunday, was bittersweet . . . time to pack up and head back . . . I was heading back a better person.  I had an experience that is the purest example of why I moved back to the East Coast.  I will never, ever forget the four days I spent there and look forward to going back.



Mark was right . . . . Monhegan is a photographer’s dream.  Thank you, Mark and Lauren, for letting me experience this place with you, your family and friends.  And to the people of Monhegan, who took such great care of us all!  xoxo!!

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