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Multimedia For Your Business

Lael Jepson of SheChanges came into my life in 2010.  She has created powerful shifts in my world and I can’t say I’ve ever met anyone as dynamic, powerful and magical before.  I work with her for coaching.  I’m currently participating in her Six-Month Circle Series and also attend her Tribal Gatherings that are held four times a year. Lael also hosts Homecoming which is a three day retreat in Maine.  Here’s the deal . . . she’s amazing and I beyond recommend finding a way to connect with her.

She hired me to photograph her business portraits and Willa Kammerer and I took the session to another level by adding multimedia storytelling focusing on Lael’s coaching services.  Take a look at what we’ve created for her business . . .

SheChanges – Lael Couper Jepson from Melissa Mullen Photography on Vimeo.

Lael’s feedback:

The work I do as a coach is possible because of the relationship I am able to form with my clients. For years, my only opportunity cultivate that relationship was when I interacted with a prospective client individually. Because of the multimedia storytelling piece I now have on my website, I am able to tell a much richer and vivid story about who I am and how I work with my clients. More importantly, the piece offers prospective clients insight into my own story – as an entrepreneur, as a working mother of two small children – which resonates deeply with the women that tend to gravitate to me and SheChanges. Now when women come to me, they often have seen the multimedia piece on my website and feel as if they already know me and relate to me.  The pictures blended together with my own voice in this piece offer a unique twist on the traditional. It has helped to cast a much wider net and, ultimately, take my business to a new level.

Willa’s Perspective:

Our first business storytelling client was Lael Couper Jepson, of SheChanges.  Lael hired Melissa for a portraiture session because she felt the photographs on her site were a stale representation of the “real Lael”.  Melissa and I worked together to create a piece that answered – who you are, how you got there, what inspires you, and what makes you different? We believe that beautiful photography coupled with true, documentary-style audio storytelling – a skill I honed in the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies radio program – is a powerful way to stand out as a business and connect with potential clients.

So how does it work? Over the course of several interview and photography sessions – more or less depending on the scope of the project – we gather what we need to tell your story. Back in the editing studio, I turn our conversations into a story – your story – and bring it to life with Melissa’s photographs. Lael let us into her life and shared her story, and we believe – and think she’d agree – that, as she’d hoped, the “real Lael” now shines through on her website. Whether you are a sole proprietor or part of a team, run a small business or large, have one story or many, we can help you tell it. Be in touch – we look forward to talking with you about your ideas and goals and helping to bring them to life!

Here are a collection of my favorite photographs from Lael’s portrait sessions.

Connecting with new and existing clients by using multimedia is unique.  We also highly recommend taking a look at how social media can impact your exposure and help build relationships.  Another key ingredient is taking a look at your brand.  If you’re looking to work with a team that can revive your current look or even create something new, we recommend Forge.

Forge is research-, brand-, and client-focused design agency located in Portland, Maine. Forge digs deep into their clients’ needs and goals and seeks authentic and effective ways to convey not just a message, but a unique brand experience. Forge researches, strategizes, designs, develops, communicates, reviews, and thinks about branding all day. Every day.

I’m really proud of this project!  If you would like to learn more about our services or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  Willa and I are on board and ready to discuss creating something amazing for you in 2011.

And just for fun, feel free to follow any of us on Twitter to keep up with what we’re all individually offering and creating – @throughtheseyes, @SheChanges, @WillaKammerer, @ForgeBrands

xoxo . . .

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