I'm a Maine based photographer, specializing in weddings and lifestyle portraiture. I serve all of New England and beyond as no event is ever too far.

Vanessa + Chris {Engagement : Love Session} Portland, Maine

I sneaked away from the studio last week and treated myself to a long overdue mani-pedi.  When I go to a salon of any kind, I allow myself to indulge in US or People magazine.  Nowadays, when I flip through I barely know who so and so is anymore.  I can’t tell if I’m getting old or it’s just that in my day to day life, I don’t care about that world.  I noticed this time that there was a lot of reports of relationships ending or couples I thought were married were actually getting married to new people.  I don’t know where these folks find the time to be so busy with ending and beginning relationships so quickly but it is just celebrity gossip.  However, I do feel like this gossip, this type of news can have an affect on how women in particular view relationships.  To me, these magazines, these reports, do not shed a pretty light.  It’s all about who did what to who and what they wore while doing it.

This got me thinking about how society tends to focus on negativity, thrive and magnify bad news.  It can leave you a little hopeless and disgusted.  Luckily, I see real relationships evolving as my profession.  My clients are my celebrity world.  They are what I have as a window into real life, real deal relationships.  I travel from place to place and intimately point my camera into the world of real couples everyday.  I see what it’s like for them to hug, kiss and connect in front of me.

At first, it can be quite awkward, exposing your relationship to me and the camera.  Nothing can prepare you for what it feels like and expectations can be high so there is a lot of emotion that can be stirred to the surface.  My job is to peal away those layers of feeling uncomfortable and allow you to trust that it’s perfectly okay to just be yourselves.

Vanessa and Chris found me over the winter and I have had the pleasure of getting to know them for a few months.  We spent an evening together at Fort Williams Park where they were engaged.  There are many photographs from this session that I love and will share.  They have something that I haven’t seen before.  I can’t put it into words but it would be nice to hear more about what these photographs feel like in our day to day news stories . . .

V+C, thank you for sharing your love with me.  I’m so looking forward to your August wedding day.

xoxo . . .

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