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Ogunquit Maine Marginal Way Family Portrait

Little CC was the star of this family portrait session…


The family wanted a location that showcased the beauty of Maine, while also highlighting their relaxed personalities. Since they decided to spend this summer in Ogunquit, it was an obvious choice to go with The Marginal Way.


Marginal Way is a 90-year-old footpath with great views and amazing light. The rocky shoreline complimented their coastal themed attire perfectly!

03-marginal-way-ogunquit-maine-family-portrait-photography 04-marginal-way-ogunquit-maine-family-portrait-photography

I spent an hour with them, capturing candid moments and lots of smiles — including CC’s grin when her father smothered her in kisses.

05-marginal-way-ogunquit-maine-family-portrait-photography 06-marginal-way-ogunquit-maine-family-portrait-photography 07-marginal-way-ogunquit-maine-family-portrait-photography 08-marginal-way-ogunquit-maine-family-portrait-photography

I can’t tell you enough how relaxed and fun this group was. I felt instantly comfortable with them, which made for a very natural shoot.


CC was a little too relaxed (and happily comfortable!) with her grandpa. I caught a big yawn and a little twirl of her hair.

10-marginal-way-ogunquit-maine-family-portrait-photography 11-marginal-way-ogunquit-maine-family-portrait-photography

We captured each couple together, grandmother and father, as well as the siblings.

12-marginal-way-ogunquit-maine-family-portrait-photography 13-marginal-way-ogunquit-maine-family-portrait-photography 14-marginal-way-ogunquit-maine-family-portrait-photographyHolding CC during the photoshoot was probably the best job anyone could ask for.



I feel like she has the whole world in her eyes. They were absolutely stunning in the light.

17-marginal-way-ogunquit-maine-family-portrait-photography 18-marginal-way-ogunquit-maine-family-portrait-photography


As always, we ended by gathering all the kids with their parents, and the rest of the family.

20-marginal-way-ogunquit-maine-family-portrait-photography 21-marginal-way-ogunquit-maine-family-portrait-photography 22-marginal-way-ogunquit-maine-family-portrait-photography


When I first made contact with grandma, she expressed some discomfort with having her pictures taken. A lot of people aren’t always comfortable at the thought of hiring a professional photographer or being in front of the camera. I understand this, and appreciate when clients are open about their reservations, because I’m able to take the extra time and care to get the best photos.  

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When her CC is grown, she will be able to look back and see the love she was surrounded with as a baby. It will mean so much to her, regardless of the worries and doubts. She will only see love and happiness. That’s why I love what I do.

xoxo . . .


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