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I’m honored to be featured on Ophelia’s Webb : All You Need Series!

Love Is Clicking The Shutter

Little story about paths crossing and how clicking away through social networking can allow you to land on some pretty incredible people. . .I recently began working with Lael Couper Jepson of She Changes who is AMAZING and I’m sure in the future, I will be posting about my experiences with her.  I follow @SheChanges on Twitter and one morning, I followed a link she posted.


Intrigued, I clicked on this link which lead me to a blog I had never seen.  The first post held my attention and rocked my world.  I naturally find myself visiting photography related blogs and was excited to see that it had nothing to do with photography.  A more recent goal of mine, is to expand my horizons to find inspiration outside of my industry as I feel it’s so much more rewarding than only looking within it.  If I’m going to spend time on anything internet related, I really want it to be moving, good, educational, inspiring . . . make me feel better after the experience.

I found myself tapping into something new, I read one post and then scrolled down to discover a post called, All You Need is Love.  I read it hungrily and just couldn’t believe it.  It was as if my thoughts had made it into someone’s mind and here they were. 2010 is Love.  Period.

For the past three years, I have participated in a white stone ceremony to choose a word that represents the intention for the new days ahead.  My first year {2008}, my word was wisdom.  Last year, I couldn’t settle on one yet had two – hope and grace.  This year it is love.  In honor of that, for the holidays, I gave each of my best girlfriends a hand carved heart ring to wear and be reminded of this big word.  I wear one too.

It’s comforting knowing someone out there feels the same way you do and I felt an immediate need to know this writer.  I was so intrigued by the style of writing, the honesty and discovered that . . . the writer, Elisa Doucette, lives in Portland, Maine.  Her contact me section said it all . . . before I knew it, Elisa and I were having a heart to heart over a delicious cup of tea at Bard Cafe in Portland.

Instant friendship, it felt like I was meeting an old friend.  Elisa shared with me that she was beginning a new column with the Portland Press HeraldMaineToday.com called the Single Slice.  She’s 29, a writer, single and lives in Portland, Maine.  I felt like I was meeting my very own, real life, Carrie Bradshaw.  Her first post on Single Slice touches on the Carrie topic : Once Upon a Time.  At the same time, she has the All You Need Series running on her blog for the month of February.  In honor of the Month of Love, she’s brought together some of the best blogging minds she knows to write about “Love.”  A collection of online essays created to help everyone look at Love in a totally new light.  I really got a lot out of reading Love Your Self.

Taking a leap into the unknown, moving to a new city, starting over, leaving dear friends, isn’t easy.  There is no guarantee that when you land, you’ll pick right back up where you left off and find true friends.  I have been very conscious of who I connect with and have made it a point to seek out positive, creative, like-minded people who choose to persevere and live fully.  The delivery of Elisa in my life, reminds me of the power of thought and manifesting exactly what you need.  I greatly appreciate that our paths have crossed and I look forward to our many adventures in this great city, we call home!  xoxo . . .

Follow Elisa on Twitter : @opheliaswebb

Ps.  If you are still unsure about social networking or do not understand things like twitter and what people are doing on it. . . I hope you have found this experience to be enlightening.  It’s simply a tool to connect with exactly who you want and get information that you need.  Without it, I wouldn’t have had this experience.  Dabble, connect, make new friends.  It’s 100% worth joining.

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